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Elektroobnova has constructed and reconstructed more than 100 km of medium voltage, low voltage lines and more than 30 distribution substations in the area covered by Elektrokrajina through several realized contracts. The implementation of such projects improves the supply of end-users with electricity and improves the overall distribution system.

Electrotechnics specializes in carrying out these tasks, possesses the necessary modern machinery and equipment, as well as trained labor.



A growing need for transmission and distribution of electrical energy from production facilities, through transformer stations and distribution stations to end-users is an important aspect in terms of the need for expansion and upgrading of power distribution and transmission networks and power transmission lines.


Regarding this, Elektroobnova has developed a special project and contracting department in order to be able to respond to all market demands in the shortest possible period and in the most efficient way to provide various solutions for the most complex tasks regarding the construction of such systems. Equipped with state-of-the-art mechanization and personnel, it is able to respond to all market needs in both BiH and wider, regardless of weather and a configuration of a terrain.


In its many years of practice, Elektroobnova has successfully completed a series of projects for  construction, reconstruction and maintenance of power transmission lines and networks of different voltage levels. With over 300 km of low-voltage network and over 100 km of medium-voltage networks built, it has gained an enormous experience that has made it one of the leading companies in this region with a high level of respectability with investors both public and private.


Its capacities provide complete services for all stages of construction:


It offers suggestions and conceptual solutions

It offers the most optimal design solutions

On behalf of investors, it obtains all other neccessary documents for the purpose of obtaining a building permit

It provides services of construction of new facilities, reconstruction and modernization of existing constructive and electric power parts

It offers testing and commissioning services

It offers maintenance services

Minimum service execution time, maximum reliability, maximum warranty period, minimum response time to eliminate defects of all types makes us an important and integral part of such systems.