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The goal of our work is to meet all the needs and demands of our customers, taking care of the protection of health and safety at work and environmental protection


Professional staff of Elektroobnova Ltd. covers all client requirements in terms of expert consultations, representation of investors and technical support at any time during the development of projects or execution of works on objects from the company’s activities. A confirmation of a successful consulting cooperation with our company is a series of satisfied clients.


By listening to our customers, we understand their expectations, and systematically perform contracted activities. This allows us to achieve success on the market. We also inform and educate our customers about our products and services, thus achieving a high level of mutual understanding and trust in the quality of our products.

We pay great attention to the exchange of information among employees. Open and constructive communication is an obligation for our employees, just like quality awareness, protection of the environment, protection of health and safety at work. Each employee is personally responsible for the quality of his work and is aware that he must have a positive attitude towards quality, to perform tasks assigned to him quickly and efficiently, and to constantly innovate and improve the quality of his work and business activities. We pay great attention to a continuous education of our employees and raising their awareness of the importance of quality, environmental protection, health protection and safety at work. All employees are familiar with the IMS policy and engaged in its implementation and in continuous improvement with planned control and verification.

Behind us there are our reliable partners, our customers, suppliers and subcontractors. Our name is a symbol for quality. We offer our clients a partnership relationship, in which they can fully rely on us.

Our activities are carried out in accordance with documented business processes that are harmonized with the legislation. In the realization of all processes, we strive to minimize the costs of non-conformity of work and business processes, maximize quality in all phases of business activities, and achieve high productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Our goal regarding environmental protection is to ensure sustainable management, preservation of the natural balance, integrity, diversity and quality of natural values and conditions for survival of all living beings, as well as prevention, control, reduction and removal of all forms of pollution of the environment. Under the responsibility, we will take all measures necessary for the protection of health and safety at work, including prevention of professional risks and training, as well as provision of necessary equipment and resources.