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For the needs of the company “GRAND TRADE” Ltd. Banja Luka, Elektroobnova carried out procurement and installation of complete low voltage equipment in the Business building GRAND TRADE in Banja Luka. The building of more than 65 000 m2 with its modern design was one of the largest business facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where over 15 companies across BiH were involved in its construction. Due to its specific technical and aesthetic requirements by future users, we installed equipment from the renowned world-class manufacturer Schneider Electric. The users of the facility are the leading telecommunications companies in RS, such as m: tel a.d. Banja Luka, Prointer IT Solutions & Services, Banja Luka etc.


During the realization of the project due to the size of the facility and its purpose, particular attention had to be paid to the organization of the project management system and alignment with all other stages of construction.



Thanks to technological achievements and everyday evolution in technology, mankind managed to create an artificial source of light that is used daily in illumination of public spaces. Life without an artificial source of light, especially at night, would be unthinkable. That is why public lighting is of great importance in various life activities that take place at night, and of course it also represents a certain degree of safety for inhabitants.

It is precisely the area abovein which  ELEKTROOBNOVA, since its establishment in 1996, made its first steps illuminating streets, squares and other public areas, and today it has grown into one of the leading houses specializing in lighting for both open space and indoor.

By offering state-of-the-art solutions both in the field of functional and decorative lighting, it has been recognized as a reliable and high-quality partner with many public institutions and private investors, as proved by our highly extensive reference list of the projects so far completed.

In the area of lighting we offer to all clients:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and studies of reliability of the replacement of existing low-efficient lighting bodies with new LED lighting bodies, which reduces a consumption of electricity.
  • We offer various solutions for functional and decorative lighting
  • We own a production plant for New Year and holiday decorative lighting
  • We provide services of construction of public lighting systems, including electro-assembly and construction works

As proof of the success of our business activities in the area of lighting, we also have partnerships with many world renowned houses (Philips, Minel Schreder, Osram, Disano, etc.)