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Elektroobnova, for the needs of the final ordering company, “KELAG Austria” built a MBTS Novakovic of rated voltage of 35/0.42 kV in the valley of the Ugar River for the needs of the power supply of the HPP Ilomska and the water supply of HPP Novakovic. This substation was necessary during the construction period of the hydroelectric power plant, and later for its undisturbed work.

Since the location on which the MBTS was built is a natural environment with all the beauties of the Ugar River, we tried to integrate the object visually into the environment.



Transformer stations and distribution plants

The transmission and distribution networks consist of nodes and branches (lines). Distribution facilities are built in nodes. These plants can be with or without voltage transformation. Their basic role is to:

-enable connection of  lines of the same voltage level that are acquired in the node

– connect networks of different voltage levels through power transformers

– enable connection of sources (power plants) and consumers to the network.


Due to their purpose, distribution facilities can be divided into distribution plants and transformer stations. A distribution facility is any plant in which the lines of the same voltage level are acquired and its purpose is to provide a distribution of electrical energy on connected lines. The transformer station transforms the electrical energy from one voltage level to another, and thus networks of different voltage levels are connected.

Considering the importance of transformer stations and distribution stations in the electric power industry, ELEKTROOBNOVA with its team of professional personnel and with the latest equipment and tools, is able to respond to all  requirements and questions in the shortest possible time with the maximum efficiency. We provide complete services for all stages of construction for transformer stations and distribution plants of all voltage levels:

  • We offer suggestions and conceptual solutions
  • We offer the most optimal design solutions
  • On behalf of the investor, we obtain all other neccessary documents for the purpose of obtaining a building permit
  • We provide services for the construction of new facilities, reconstruction and modernization of existing ones
  • We offer testing, commissioning and assistance services for obtaining use permit
  • We offer maintenance services

Elektroobnova has respectable references regarding construction, reconstruction and modernization of such facilities, which were, based on the very high quality personnel, implemented in an optimal manner with the assurance of maximum drive reliability and sustainability.