Banja Luka 78000
Bosna i Hercegovina
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Sub i Ned NE RADI


Construction of the base station Simici contributes to the improvement of telecommunication services (2G, 3G) in the inhabited part of Kozara that belongs to the city of Banja Luka. The contract also included the construction of a part of the low voltage network in the length of approximately 900 m for supply of a base station. On the provided location, a steel grate column height = 24 m was built with all necessary equipment.


Using its own equipment and trained labor, Elektroobnova successfully implemented the Contract on the construction of a base station on an extremely demanding field.



Elektroobnova, in thearea of telecommunications, has a professional and educated team with many years of experience in the realization of numerous projects in the area of telecommunications and mobile telephony. This enables its clients to provide all necessary services (consultations, planning, design, execution …).

In the part of consulting, planning and designing, ELEKTROOBNOVA offers complete customer service and leading up to the moment of project implementation. We offer complete design of base stations infrastructure (green-field, roof top …), static analysis, workshop projects, design of power transmission lines and networks for supplying telecommunication facilities. We also offer the same types of services for optical connecting routes for the needs of mobile operators and other clients which express similar needs.

In the construction part, we perform all types of machine positions production (antenna pillars, antenna carriers, base station containers, cabinets …). We perform all necessary construction works, electrical installations, power connections, rectifier installations, batteries and aggregates, mounting of antenna systems and air conditioning systems.

After the implementation of the network infrastructure, Elektroobnova performs regular maintenance, upgrading, optimization and other necessary services in order to maintain the quality of the network operation.